In 2011, LCD Soundsystem abruptly broke up, with a final send off at Madison Square Garden. A plethora of sad fans was created and a spot cemented in history for consistently bending the electronic music genre past its limits. Along with acts such as The Rapture, Hot Chip, Yacht, and Holy Ghost!, all signed onto frontman James Murphy's DFA label, LCD Soundsystem created an eclectic, innovative, and intricate sound characterized by slow, intense buildups comprised of meticulously created layers upon layers. LCD Soundsystem awoke from their slumber on Christmas Eve 2015 with "Christmas Will Break Your Heart" along with several headline slots at festivals. In May of 2017, they released "Call the Police", "Tonight", and "American Dream" accompanied by a performance on Saturday Night Live.  


Brooklyn Steel is the newest venue under the Bowery Presents' belt. What was once an old steel fabrication shop was now holds nearly 1500 people, providing a spacious yet also intimate setting. In LCD Soundsystem's second set of last minute residency at the venue, Murphy was sure to emphasize that intimacy with a strict ticket policy to avoid scalpers and a no-phone policy, which was enforced by watchful security. The brick walls encased the crowd for over 2 and a half hours after doors opening, before the band slowly graced the stage. Although ridden with technical issues due to a new set of gear, LCD ripped through a hefty setlist interspersed with friendly banter, sips of wine, and jokes.

They opened with "Us v Them" off of their sophomore album Sound of Silver, which was accompanied by an expertly timed disco ball descending unto the stage reflecting light into the crowd during the chorus. Keyboardist Nancy Whang provided her own touches and background vocals for "Get Innocuous" and the beautifully earnest "I Can Change". The pulsating synths in "Tribulations" shook the venue with force, and the strobe lights quickened to accompany it. As part of their final encore, they closed out the show with the heartwrenching "All My Friends", which slowly built momentum among the crowd of upper middle class Brooklynites in boat shoes and shrunken vintage shirts, beer drinkers, and wide eyed travelers. The dancing became infectious, with Murphy serving as the conductor. As he belted out the final "Where are your friends tonight?", met with shrill screams and forbidden camera flashes, the gargantuan group of people onstage humbly said their goodbyes with waves.

LCD Soundsystems' new album, American Dream, is set to be released on September 1, 2017.

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