Tommy Wright III & Guests at Market Hotel// Brooklyn


It was a cold December night in Brooklyn. At the Market Hotel, young hip people slowly filed into the industrial-looking venue characterized by hazy lighting and no-nonsense decor. From the outside, there is no indication that it is a venue, but the people inside were familiar. It was a family gathering of sorts, with the likes of 20-somethings sloshing beers with friends and hugs being passed around freely. They were there to celebrate the triumphant return of underground Memphis rap legend Tommy Wright III on another stop of his successful tour. Wright was in good company.


Famed hardcore punk outfit Show Me the Body plowed through their set with a refreshing determination and aggression without the hypermasculine edge they are critical of within the scene.Show-Me-The-Body-Showmethebody-Hardcore-Live-Music-Brooklyn-Market-Hotel SMTB has become active in both the punk and hip hop scenes with their charming sprinkles of authentic New York confidence that is apparent in their mid-show banter and overall presence. Longtime DJ Dylan the Gypsy punctuated her set with a diverse set that included a mix of much needed girl power from bbymutha and Cardi B as well as more obscure dancey hits from Kid Sister.  Underground New York rap crew ECW welcomed newcomer Chip Skylark onstage for a fiery upbeat set which featured that familial bond onstage as the entire gang came out to swap bars, dance, and fill in the gaps with noise. 


It is surprising as to how many younger people knew Wright's harrowing discography, but it was heartwarming. Wright has come under hard times, from turning himself into jail in 2011 to trying to sell his hospital equipment on eBay in 2015.Tommy-Wright-III-Live-Brooklyn-Market-Hotel-Rapper-Rap The tour, aptly named the Back from the Dead Tour, is a well deserved redemption from his descent Tommy-Wright-III-Live-Brooklyn-Market-Hotel-Rapper-Rapinto further obscurity. His lo-fi murder-filled raps captivated southern hip hop fans across the country, although he was a mainstay in his hometown of Memphis, also home to fellow horrorcore rappers Three 6 Mafia. Wright plowed through his setlist with iconic hits such as "Drive-By", "Meet Yo Maker", and "Sewed Up" to the chorus of a few hundred teenagers and young adults nodding and rapping along. Wright had an agility about him that was both heartwarming and exciting, exuding the aura of a legend. In his own words, "If you ever hear a rapper doing something, just know that I did that shit first." 


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